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Six consecutive championships! Why is SEEYUONG the brand that won Blue Rose Award in the past 6 consecutive years?


        On July 22, the 2019 (12th) China Cosmetics Conference with the theme of "Restart RELOAD" came as scheduled. This industry grand ceremony, known as the "Davos Forum" of China's Cosmetics Industry, ushered in the peak of the Blue Rose Award, which attracted much attention. This award ceremony can be described as Starlight Glimmer, bringing together top industry elites and brand leaders to discuss new trends in the industry.




       It is understood that Blue Rose Award is known as "Oscar of Cosmetics Industry" and is the most authoritative and influential award in the cosmetics industry. It aims to set a benchmark for leading enterprises with strategic development goals in the industry, so as to enhance the creativity of the whole cosmetics industry and the overall brand pattern, with a high status. At this conference, SEEYUONG, a silicone-free scalp care brand, won the 2019 China Cosmetics Blue Rose Award "Most Influential Brand of the Year" again. It is reported that this is SEEYUONG's sixth Blue Rose Award. Why SEEYUONG can "Take away" such a heavy gold award for six consecutive years? How about SEEYUONG non-silicone shampoo? Today let’s explore one thing or two.




Positioning Influence: Differentiated Market Positioning Leading New Fashion of Scalp Care


       The appearance of SEEYUONG in 2014 brought forward the innovative concept of silicone oil-free scalp care. The differentiated market positioning made the cosmetics industry shine at the moment. According to "2018 China Shoppers Report" released by Bain & Company and Kantar World panel, SEEYUONG grew by more than 105% from 2015 to 2017.


       Meanwhile, SEEYUONG is also working with Dr. Yang Jianzhong, the first international Body & Hair and SEEYUONG's chief research and development scientist; in the scalp care field to continuously deepen research and innovation technology. SEEYUONG products, at present, have achieved a breakthrough in silicone oil-free technology and catered to the development trend of green, environmental-friendly and healthy Body & Hair at home and abroad. Natural plant extracts are used to replace chemical components  and it has achieved "no silicon oil, no sulfate, no dyeing agent, no mineral oil, no nipkin ester, no petroleum surfactant, and no animal raw materials" With the blessing of 72 innovative patents, more and more consumers have realized healthier scalp care.


Marketing Influence: Younger-age Marketing Promotion Strategy, New Playing Method of Body & Hair Tide Cards


       Fashion trend is the main theme of consumption, but also the benchmark of SEEYUONG brand rejuvenation marketing. SEEYUONG keeps pace with the trend, listens to the voice of generation z consumers, focuses on generation z consumers, and sets off a new fashion of brand Body & Hair with a younger marketing strategy. A large sum of money has been co-sponsored by Youku‘s top network synthesis "This! Is singing, duet singing season and “This! Is the original ", listen to the voice of young consumers.    




       The IP cooperation between SEEYUONG X Long Grass and Beauty Tuanzi and SEEYUONG XB.Duck yellow duck opened a new dialogue with the IP consumer community with the Cute Pet Economy.  2019 is also a year of internationalization of SEEYUONG. It is not only Australia's SEEYUONG going global, but also a major event of innovation of SEEYUONG products. It skillfully combines color and fragrance, and starts the trend bottle of SEEYUONG Flower YOUNG color fragrance in Switzerland-SEEYUONG Qinning Maiden Fragrance Shampoo, which leads the new fashion of Body & Hair with the interest of Body & Hair tide brand.





Market Influence: Strong Terminal Marketing Power, New Record Market Share

       How about SEEYUONG shampoo? "For every ten bottles of Chinese shampoo sold on the market, three are SEEYUONG". There is no denying the fact that SEEYUONG's status as a leading domestic Body & Hair company is well deserved. According to 2019 Euromonitor International statistics, SEEYUONG's share of the domestic Body & Hair market is 31.5% based on 2018 retail sales, ranking first in the country *. This successful record is precisely achieved by virtue of SEEYUONG's strong market terminal and integrated marketing strength.


       For example, looking back on 2018-2019, SEEYUONG and Watson's channel cooperation have been further upgraded, and more than 10 scalp care festivals have been organized in the first-tier cities nationwide. Not only have SEEYUONG product image spokesperson Xing Zhaolin and variety star players come to the store to publicize, but local online live broadcasts of online celebrities have kept up with the pace of the trend and started a strong terminal sales promotion mode. In many terminal events, SEEYUONG's activities are at the forefront of sales volume, and brand sales vitality has been continuously refreshed.


       With the product positioning different from the same industry in the market, the marketing strategy aimed at young people, and the terminal channel of "Gelivable", SEEYUONG is the most influential brand that can win the 2019 cosmetics blue rose award this time. How about SEEYUONG non-silicone shampoo? The market position of the best domestic Body & Hair products can be called the coronation of strength!




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